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  1. 2016.11.02 [Jenkins] installation on Window
2016.11.02 15:09

A few years ago, I tried to set up Jenkins on Windows server for projects written in c#. However, I've almost forgotten to use them. So I am going to build a deployment system that uses Git and Jenkins.


- [Jenkins] Installation on Window

- [Jenkins] Configuration

- [Jenkins] Build source code

- [Jenkins] Deployment

Here's the first step.

1) Download


When you unzip the downloaded file, there is an install file named "jenkins.msi".

2) Install

2.1) Wizard

You'd better change install directory that does not include space.

2.2) Jenkins

After installation, a web browser shows up and, keep setting basic configurations of Jenkins.

Customize Jenkins

- Install suggested plugins: automatically install plugins

- Select plugins to install: manually install plugins

Completed install of Jenkins

If you want to change the basic port(8080), it can be changed to "C:\Jenkins\jenkins.xml" file, and Jenkins service must restart.

※ If you want to use git, install git on the same server.

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